CS:GO Crosshairs

Here are some crosshair codes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) that players in our community use. To import one, go to your CS:GO settings -> Game tab -> Crosshair section, and click “Share or Import.”

Clean Green Cross DotClean Green Cross DotClassicCSGO-CpSwZ-9b2MG-C7Qdx-xEN4P-mZ2tJ
JTClassic StaticCSGO-Z4uNT-NPRVC-wQYxq-FFioY-iDjLJ
Pink ThickPink ThickClassic StaticCSGO-CNoHr-Vc79F-b9fHn-xCykG-usW5F
Small Aqua CrossSmall Aqua CrossClassic StaticCSGO-fPz4c-YPvnV-zOLHf-VJtOB-kpybE
Small Aqua Cross DynamicSmall Aqua Cross DynamicClassicCSGO-phw6V-VGn46-eesdQ-LdbDb-vXDND
Small GreenSmall GreenClassic StaticCSGO-jwOjv-6sxUF-iSw4t-4nbSw-MNzfF
Small Green OpenSmall Green OpenClassicCSGO-8MW6r-26O2v-SyLzJ-9jmt3-QLk9Q
Small Pink Open CrossSmall Pink Open CrossClassicCSGO-fUVBo-uVAQK-SxG2d-GZAcn-Wq2AC
Thin BoiThin BoiClassic StaticCSGO-BC25b-qpToW-ehMFk-V63ZV-hBERE