Enigmatica 2: Expert Minecraft Server

Enigmatica 2: Expert is a modpack based on Minecraft v1.12.2 with a mix of tech, magic, adventure/exploration, and building mods put together with over 650 quests through gated progression and custom recipes.

Moving on from our previous kitchen sink modded Minecraft servers, we plan to keep this one up for a while as it will take quite a long time for most players to reach the end goal of the quest book.

It is whitelisted as the server has limited capacity. We currently have several players both new and experienced with the mods. We plan to accept whitelist applications here and there via the #mc-e2e channel on our Discord server. Find out more on our Servers page.

I also stream gameplay on the server at my Twitch channel, SmoothNanners, so stop on by to check it out!

About the Author

Austin is the founder and owner of Game Byline, a casual gamer, and a software developer.