The Wii U is Icing on the Cake

You might have heard a rumor sometime last April claiming that Nintendo’s Wii U production cost is a figure around $180 and that it will retail for $300. Does this mean that Nintendo will be able to displace even more competing video game consoles on the market? What is the Wii U going to offer that’s different from what we’ve seen so far with other consoles?

The Wii U’s purpose is to carry out what the original Wii couldn’t for the reason that “[Nintendo has] not designed the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U [as] mere improved versions of their predecessors. [They] have designed them so that [consumers] can realize what has been impossible.” (Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata).

The most notable feature of the Wii U is its new touch-screen controller, which offers an accelerometer, camera, gyroscope, and augmented reality gaming technology. There aren’t many examples providing evidence that the Wii U will offer an even greater graphical experience over the other consoles that we now have at this moment yet, but at least there is a significant graphical improvement over the original Wii.

Even though it will most likely be pricey, you shouldn’t have to worry much about the price of this special controller because it’s not Nintendo’s biggest concern. They recognize that most Wii U consumers are likely to have only one touch-screen controller per household.

The ability to support up to four Wii Remotes and other various accessories at a time, including using the Nintendo 3DS as a controller, has also been hinted as features of the Wii U. Imagine how video game developers can enhance their games in ways that you never thought was possible with the new controller.

Right now, you’re probably trying to decide whether the Wii U is worth it compared to other consoles of the current generation, but, in spite of that, Nintendo’s leverage in the video game market is their new touch-screen controller. For this reason, what really matters now isn’t the price of the Wii U, but what you can do with new aspects in video games that Nintendo will be bringing to the table.

So, what else should we expect from the Wii U? What do you think about it?

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