Steam Now Playing on Your TV

Today, Valve announced a new feature for Steam called Big Picture that lets you enjoy Steam games from the comfort of your living room. While it does support a keyboard and mouse, there’s support for game controllers as well, so you can use your very own game controller to navigate Steam and its web browser with reticle-based navigation, tabbed browsing, and your favorites saved to the cloud.

Big Picture comes included with its own special typing system called Daisywheel, which lets you chat with other players and browse the web with convenience.

Connecting Steam to your TV is simple. Valve recommends that you use an HDMI cable because the video and audio streams are combined into one cable, but nonetheless, you can still use DVI or VGA outputs.

Of course, you can use Big Picture without a TV, so you can plug-in your controller, kick back, and relax.

Steam’s Big Picture is now available to PC users in beta by installing the latest client. Additionally, a Mac beta will be available soon.

Big Picture is a new user interface that you can enable on your Steam client, so you can bring the Steam store, library, and community to your TV.

What do you think about it? Do you think you’re going to use Big Picture often?

About the Author

Austin is the founder and owner of Game Byline, a casual gamer, and a software developer.



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