Screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5 After Months of Drought

Flying a jet in GTA V.

During November 2011, Rockstar Games published a trailer for their latest video game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA) that fans greeted with a warm welcome due to the commercial success of GTA IV a few years earlier.

A trailer for GTA V shows images and action in San Andreas, the fictional place used in GTA: San Andreas, a game released in 2004 which garnered much success. Yet, after they published the trailer, Rockstar Games still hasn’t released any new info or footage of the game, leaving fans to think that the game is in a development hell.

Unexpectedly, last Monday Rockstar Games released new detailed screenshots on their website displaying three methods of transportation used in the game.

The new Cheetah in the upcoming GTA V.
Riding a bike on the Santa Maria Beach in GTA V.

Fans are now hyped up once again. What do you think about GTA V? Have you regained hope in the Grand Theft Auto series?

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GTA V looks amazing!