Hints of a New Game by Square Enix

Last Sunday, Japanese game developer, Square Enix, known for the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series have posted a countdown on their website hinting at a new game. On the following day, Square Enix published an updated webpage with an improved design that includes a new background image and brighter countdown text.

Fans from our community are speculating that the countdown’s purpose is to bring to light a sequel to the popular Nintendo DS game Subarashiki Kono Sekai (The World Ends with You) due to the its similarity in font style to the game and that the end of the URL has “subaseka,” which is a shortened title of the game.

Source code of the webpage refers to GREE.

On the contrary, upon deeper analysis, people have found out that the source code to the website refers to “GREE,” implying the game will be out for the mobile phone system of the same name.

Hopefully, Square Enix will not downgrade the game by making it a mobile exclusive, as other companies have done before.

Will this countdown lead to the long-awaited sequel as a real platform release, a mobile phone release, or an entirely different game? What do you think?

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