Ace Attorney 5 Scans Released

Nine months after its announcement by Capcom, the Japanese magazine Famitsu unmasked the fifth official game of the Ace Attorney series. Text from the magazine reveals that the game will have Phoenix Wright as the main character once again after his last major role in the original series. The game takes place one year after the events of the fourth game, also known as Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

Ace Attorney 5 features a mysterious woman in yellow as the game’s sidekick character, as well as the first prosecutor, the younger brother of another character named Winston Payne. The first case of the game has you defending a young woman framed for destroying a courthouse.

Scans (shown above) show that the game will have full 3D models much like the Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton crossover game coming out in Japan soon.

At the moment, it’s unknown if the original creator, Shu Takumi, will return to develop this game. Nonetheless, a fifteen minute demo for the Nintendo 3DS will be playable during the Tokyo Game Show while a localized release is still pending.

UPDATE: Capcom has confirmed a US release.

Source: “Ace Attorney 5 Will Have 3D Graphics and Other Tidbits.Siliconera. 04 Sep. 2012.

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I’ve never played Ace Attorney back in the day, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to Ace Attorney 5’s release.