And the Winner of SoCal Regional 2011 is…

This past weekend marks the start and end of yearly fighting game tournament known as SoCal Regional, an event that brings players from all around the world to take part in competitive gaming events. Today, the grand finals of Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 were dynamically played out by our U.S. players.

In the last match of Street Fighter, Justin Wong went up against Ricky Ortiz, a player that he sent to the loser’s bracket and then only to face him again. They both played Rufus, a rare sight since the release of Arcade Edition due to balance changes, better, and newer characters; but character loyalty played a good part in this match-up, and their combos and zoning was solid throughout, but Justin Wong came out on top. Shortly after the grand finals of Street Fighter, the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament started. The top 8 matches were well-played, but with pressure building up, we saw many players drop their combos which in turn caused lost games. We saw many people use Wesker as an anchor, with Doom as an aid, which was quite devastating to players due to both rush down and keep away abilities. The characters that stood out the most were Clockwork’s Doom/Strider combo, Noel Brown’s Frank West, Jago’s Trish, and Justin Wong’s Ironfist, who was actually a low tier character.

The last round had Justin Wong (Iron Fist, Wolverine, Akuma) and MINE (Wesker, Taskmaster, Magneto) as the players. Justin was just sent to loser’s bracket by MINE the previous game, but won in that bracket, causing a rematch as the grand finals. Previously dropping combos in the last match, Justin finally got himself together and turned the tides against MINE, able to reset the set, and take victory against MINE’s team, playing a solid Ironfist throughout. Although MINE put up a good fight, Justin Wong came out victorious yet again.

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