Valve’s Steam is Coming to the Mac

Valve, a video game development and digital distribution company, will be developing its game distribution service client for the Mac. Today, Steam is only available on the Windows platform. Steam for the Mac has been a rumor up to now until Valve Corporation made an official announcement today that the Mac client will be put out in April. All of you who are playing Valve games on Boot Camp won’t have to go through time-consuming reboots anymore.

Valve’s Source Engine will be ported to the operating system as well, allowing players play the games natively on the Mac platform. Some games that run on the engine include Counter-Strike, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and the Half-Life series. In addition, Valve has announced Portal 2, the sequel for Portal.

The new Steam client will include a feature, called “Steam Play”, that will allow players to save their game on one platform and switch to the other. Mac users will be able to play on the same game servers as the Windows users on the new Steam client.

Mac is slowly becoming a gaming platform. Today, many games have been released for the Mac even since the Intel processor chips became the mainstream component in Macintosh computers. Porting Steam to the Mac will allow Valve to develop games for multiple platforms.

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