Microsoft Unveils Sole 360 Controller with New D-Pad

The Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller always appears to need an update here and there. It seems that Microsoft has done just that by revealing a new controller with monochrome buttons and a transforming D-pad. That’s right, a transforming directional pad; what say you?

Some people are not happy playing with the current D-pad. According to Major Nelson, the new controller’s D-pad can be raised by twisting the base of it and, as a result, allows it to go from a disc to a plus.

In addition, the new controller packs concave analog sticks and new monochrome buttons. No more colors; they’re just black and white. I think that the new monochrome design looks pretty nice.

The new controller will be bundled only with the Play & Charge Kit, replacing the current wireless controller, and will appear in stores on November 9th in the United States retailing for $64.99.

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